S.A. Prüm Riesling Bernkasteler Lay Fass 15 2003 Erste Lage

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Blue Devonian Slate and "Doppelbogen"-trained Vines

Of all the viticultural regions of the world, one in which the interaction of the land, the climate and the vine arrive to a point of perfection is the Mosel River valley of Germany.  Having an important role since Roman times, the region today is an example of careful coordination, advanced technology, and respect for tradition, all working together harmoniously in a typically German fashion.  “Flurbereinigung”, the reorganization of the land to allow easier access to the (still nearly impossible to cultivate due to the precipitous inclination) vineyards, represents a tremendous coordination between the government and the vineyard owners that took many years to complete.  Advanced technology is represented by the recognition of a potential problem (for example, a rainy season) and an appropriate reaction (green harvesting, the removal of excess leaves to encourage air flow in order to prevent the formation of mildew on the grapes).  And respect for tradition represented by the emblematic grape, Riesling, and its traditional vine-training technique, the “doppelbogen”, in which the vine spurs are trained into the shape of a heart.

The Prüm family indeed has an impressive history.  Numerous documents identify their viticultural activities in the villages of Bernkastel, Graach, Wehlen and Zeltingen beginning in the year 1156, and today still work the same sites.  Two of the region’s most famous monuments are the giant sundials in the vineyards of Wehlen and Zeltingen erected by Jodocus Prüm in 1842.  The modern-day winery was founded in 1911 by Sebastian Alois Prüm and continues among the most renowned in the Mosel Valley.

Medium gold in color although maintaining a youthful appearance.  On the nose, notes of ripe pineapple and marmalade of white peach with hints of cassis, ripe butter and menthol.  A very long and rich finish.  Enjoy this wine now while it is at its peak.  Only 150 cases produced.

  • Winery:  Weingut S.A. Prüm
  • Wine:  Riesling Bernkasteler Lay Fass 15 Erste Lage*
  • Vintage:  2003
  • Country:  Germany
  • Appellation:  Bernkasteler Lay
  • Type: dry white wine
  • Composition: 100% Riesling
  • Ageing:  in very old oak barrels of 1,000 liters
  • Alcohol:  11.0%
  • Format:  750 ml
  • Closure:  Natural cork
  • Serving temperature:  7° – 10°C. (45° – 50°F.)
  • Optimum consumption:  now
  • Pairing:  Thai cuisine in general; roasted baby goat; roasted baby pig
  • Website:  http://www.sapruem.com/
  • In Peru imported by Austro S.A.C.
  • Suggested retail price:  S/. 115.00

*Erste Lage (first site) indicates a vineyard that historically has produced wines of the finest quality.  In theory the equivalent of a grand cru.


About Gregg Smith

Gregg Smith is an American sommelier certified by The Court of Master Sommeliers living in Lima, Peru, and serving as director of the wine and bar program at Central Restaurante.
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